Sunday, October 24, 2010

R Family Photoshoot

This photoshoot was the largest group of people I've done... ever! I was quite nervous about it, let me tell you! But, with the right location, the right group of people, it worked! Plus it taught me a lot about what I need to do for next time!

We had an unfortunate event which involved bees. Two of the kids found a bush to browse around in, and apparently it's the home of bees. After I settled the family down on the grass, here comes the bees! Three bee stings later (one on the eye of Brian, two on Mandi)... we moved to a different area of the yard. Whew!

Gotta say I love the little guy. He was my most expressive person ever on my shoots. His dad came a close second... you should see the smarties he hid in his teeth/mouth and which I didn't discover until I put them on the computer! The dad!! Not the kid! :)

I shot Tressa's baptism pictures over a year ago. She's such a sweet gal!

Funny story with this little guy. I kept trying to do a certain type of picture, so I kept having to go lower w/ my camera. Well, this kid went lower as well... so I went lower even still! Well, he followed my example, and went lower! Finally I gave up.

Poor Brian had enough by this point. The bee sting near his eye didn't help.

This couple was just THE perfect couple to pose! They take the best pictures ever!

and Miss Mandi.... so just oozes beauty out of her pores! Gorgeous gal!

Mandi's parents joined in on the fun. I haven't finished editing my photos yet that include them with the family....

All in all, I learned a ton from this shoot. Every time I have a shoot scheduled, I worry big time how nothing is going to go right... or I'll never get a great picture. Even if I take a few hundred pictures, only 20-30 really turn out right (because we're getting closed eyes, goofy expressions, etc). I have to say.. I'm really loving this hobby!!

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