Sunday, November 15, 2009

.....baptism (with PS actions)

W.O.W.!! Playing with Photoshop is AWESOME! Can't wait to get it on my computer!
Thanks to Melissa (mommy of Baby Rock)... she did a few clicks here & there on the 'puter and managed to create some awesome art of my baby girl!
ooh ... loving this vintage look!
Can you tell the difference?? Same picture, but darker in one photograph

again.... another same picture, but in a different action!
Will put more on later as I play around some more!!


Wheat Family said...

PS is awesome indeed, I need to get familiar with it. But I love the 4th one of Maddie all a glow with the semi dark trees. It is so pretty, and of course her toe shot is a cute one too. Great job!

Andrea said...

Love the vintage one. Love them all!

michelle said...

Ohhh, they are alll beautiful! :)